What Is the Best 3B Hair Care Products For Curls?

As earlier mentioned, 3B hair has been the ancestor of the current type 4 hair. It currently sits between 3A and 3D hair types. It is more commonly characterized by tightly spiraled S-shape curls or loosely spiraled C-shape curls. Many celebrities sport this hair type including Jessica Simpson, Rachel Ray, Madonna, and Billy Joel.

It is not that difficult to maintain your curly hair frizz-free. The first thing you need to consider is that you should moisturize your hair from time to time. In this regard, you can add a little amount of petroleum jelly (a neutral oil) to your palm. Gently massage your palms together for a few minutes prior to washing and drying your hair. Make sure that you choose a shampoo that suits your hair type since oily hair tends to have tight curls which are prone to frizz.

Once you have moisturized your hair, the next step is to decide on a hair care product for your hair type. If you have porosity, you will be better off with a shampoo that is specially designed to work on the hair due to its inherent porosity. You can also use a good conditioner once you have conditioned your hair; however, the decision still lies on your hands. Conditioning helps to keep your curls moisturized and the hair shiny.

For those who have straight hair but are trying to achieve curly hair, there is another option aside from the use of hair conditioner. This option includes hairbands. Hairbands work just like real hair bands do. They help in keeping the curls tight and also in maintaining the natural shine and body of your hair.

Since hair porosity varies from person to person, curly hair needs to have different types of products. The three most popular 3b hair care products include pomade or wax products, mousse products, and leave-in products. These hair care products should only be used on your own hair and should never be applied on someone else’s hair without their consent. Always put them on the hair you want to style and leave it on for at least forty-five minutes.

Before you put on a hair care product, make sure that your hair is clean and all the products you are planning to use are completely dried out. If your hair is wet, then shampoo will tend to weigh it down and you won’t get the full effect of your shampoo. It’s a good idea to give yourself time to get accustomed to a hair care product before using it on someone else’s hair. Your stylist can also teach you how to properly use these products on your own hair regularly. Curls can be hard to maintain so you’ll want to use products that are designed for curly hair constantly moisturized.

Finger Detangling: Most people who have extremely curly hair will complain about not being able to get their hair to look good at all times. Some women may even choose to let their hair rest in its natural state instead of trying to straighten their hair with the use of flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers. There are times when you absolutely have to use a hair iron or hair brush to get the curls out and to make them look smooth. However, if you’re having problems with your hair porosity because of your hair being dry and hard to style, then you should make sure to use the right tools to take out the knots and tangles.

Always keep in mind that if your hair is constantly moisturized and is soft and shiny, then it will be easier for you to style it and make it look great. This means that you should moisturize your hair after every shower or bath, and after every time you wash it. You should also apply a leave-in conditioner after every time you wash it so that it stays moisturized and always looking smooth and polished.