Treatment For Bleached Hair – How to Make Your Conditioner Last Longer

If any one asks me: What’s the best hair treatment for bleached hair? I would without a doubt answer olaplex. This is an innovative professional treatment which is proposed only by some hair salons since it’s a major risk-free method to treat any kind of hair loss condition. It can be used on both normal and bleached hair and you’ll never be sorry to have tried it out! The Olaplex treatment is recommended highly by salon specialists due to its effectiveness and the absence of side effects.

The Olaplex treatment technique is based on two steps. The first one concentrates on the production of a super-thin layer of keratin in order to balance the moisture levels of the hair. Secondly, the treatment concentrates on the delivery of this keratin through the use of heat. In addition to that, a specialized moisturizing cream is applied afterwards so that the hair benefits from deep conditioning.

There are several ways to use the Olaplex treatment. First, the hair must be washed preferably with warm water and the shampoo must be applied before the application of the hot oil treatments. Hot oil treatments are highly recommended by the experts and they give instant results. After washing, the hair should be rinsed thoroughly using warm water and then the shampoo must be applied and left to dry. This whole process should be repeated as necessary – up to three times in one day.

As for the Olaplex treatment itself, there are several options available. The Olaplex kit includes both the shampoo and the conditioner mask. The conditioner mask can be used once a week and the shampoo is to be applied daily. In the case of those who want to save money, the Olaplex treatment can be done twice a week. Some users have reported having milder reactions to the shampoo and conditioner mask than to the shampoo alone.

Before using the Olaplex treatment, you first need to open the cute little black Olaplex bottle. Inside the small black bottle, there is an insert which contains two small beads. When you squeeze the small beads with your fingers, they stick to your wet hair and stick to your hair. After about 30 seconds, they fall off on the floor and are collected by the cute little black bottle.

Once your hair is thoroughly dried and cleaned, you can start using the treatment. If applied correctly, the Olaplex will work effectively in one week. To maximize its effects, you should follow these simple tips: clean your hair every day with a high-quality shampoo; do not brush or comb your hair; do not soak your hair in hot water; do not expose your hair to extremes such as extremely hot or cold weather; apply Olaplex after washing; drink lots of water and avoid exposed areas. To reduce the amount of damage caused by the chemicals in your hair care product, you should try to avoid them altogether.

The most common way that people suffer from Olaplex hair damage is because they fail to use the right technique when applying it to their hair shafts. The first mistake that most people make is to leave the product on their hair for too long. After waiting for just thirty to sixty seconds, you should wash your hair with a high-quality shampoo and then immediately rinse your hair with cold water to lock the moisture in. If you have bleached hair, you should follow these tips all the time: do not leave the product on your hair for more than two minutes; don’t brush or comb your hair during the treatment; do not soak your hair in hot water; and don’t expose your hair to extreme temperatures.

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