Living Proof Curl Defining Gel

Living Proof Curl Definer, a styling aid formulated for all types of curly hair, is a defining, conditioning curl defining brush that defines, strengthens, and conditions curly locks from root to tips – for soft, bouncy, silky, frizzy curls. The Curl System* offers 90% frizz control. It is designed to give your curls the bounce and volume they crave without the frizz. The innovative micro-filaments of Living Proof Curl Definer gently pull, lift, and define your curly hair without weight, heat, or damage.

Living Proof Definer comes in two versions: the Original Round Out and the Silhouette version. The Silhouette version contains micro-filaments that are designed in the shape of a triangle, this gives the curls a defined appearance as the frizz is smoothed out. The Original version has larger surface area of micro-filaments, which creates a bigger, more defined curl. The Silhouette gives a natural looking shiny, bouncy result with no frizz and no weighing down of the hair, Living Proof’s top tip.

The Living Proof curl elongation can be used on curly hair types such as: dry, dull, lifeless, curly cut, curls that have split ends, curly highlights, or any other frizzy, curly, frizzy hair type. The diffuser will give your curly hair type the definition it needs through an easy to use point of use application system that gives your curly locks full, lifted effect. It can work on any hair type. With the Living Proof Curl Defining Brush, there is no need to purchase another diffuser or even separate products – the Living Proof Curl Extender is one solution for all your curly hair care needs.

To use the curl definer, all you need to do is apply the flat paddle to your palm and gently brush your wet hair from the roots to the tips. After brushing, apply a generous amount of the curl defining gel from the inside of the tube onto your wet hair and scrunch up your curls into a perfect, lifted arching look. After applying the curl defining gel, spray some of your favorite moisturizing shine oil over your wet locks and scrunch them back into a smooth, glossy look. When drying, use a hairbrush or towel to smooth your hair until it is completely dry. The Living Proof Curl Defining Gel will seal in your curls’ moisturizing shine oil and lock in natural moisture and shine, thus keeping your curls looking even, shiny and silky.

If you are curly, but do not have a lot of time on your hands (or money), Living Proof offers an alternative to another curly product line; they offer their own line of moisturizing spray that is designed to give your natural curls that perfect, lifted look. The Dry Conditioner included with the Living Proof Curl Defining Gel should be used after washing your hair to restore your locks’ moisture content. For more intense moisture restoring, leave your hair overnight and use the spray again in the morning. The spray will fill in any gaps in your curls and help them stay in place, eliminating frizz and allowing for a smooth, silky feel.

With the curl defining gel, Living Proof has combined two great products to make their product line even better. The moisture-rich dry conditioner and the moisturizing shine oil contain natural proteins and emollients that coat and lock in your curls’ natural moisture, leaving your hair soft, smooth and shiny. What’s best about these two products is that the moisture and shine oil contain both Keratin proteins and an ingredient called Myristol which improve the body’s ability to retain moisture. This allows your hair to stay in shape longer, without losing that full, lifted look which is the main goal of curly hair care.

As always, it’s always good to have a product for every part of your hair – and Living Proof Curl Defining Gel and Cute Up Stylist are no exception. The Keratin proteins work from the inside out to strengthen the strands and improve circulation, giving your curls a full, defined curl with no frizz or split ends. Myristol also improves the body’s ability to retain moisture, helping to prevent split ends and reduce frizz, while moisturizing the hair from the outside in. These two ingredients work together to give you shiny, full curls that will stay that way, without any damage caused by heat or chemicals. Using a Cute Up Stylist to straighten your curly hair and defining its curls is recommended for normal to dry hair.

Living Proof Curl Defining Gel was created by a curly hair care technology specialist named Victoria Budak. She had seen the results other curly hair care products had given her and realized that the products on the market were missing something essential. She set out to create a product that would solve all of these styling problems and give her beautiful curly hair, without the use of hot rollers, chemicals, or heat. With the help of an expert team, she came up with a formula that makes using styling products easier and more fun than ever before. With regular use, Living Proof Curl Defining Gel will define and strengthen your curls, making them softer, shinier, and easier to manage.