How To Defrizz Hair Without A Flat Iron

Not everyone is blessed with naturally smooth and straight hair. If your hair is on the frizzy side, you don’t necessarily have to smooth it down with a flat iron. You can learn how to defrizz hair without using any heat at all.

Find The Right Hair Serum

A lot of people that have frizzy hair apply some sort of serum to their locks. Since this is a common problem, there are all kinds of anti-frizz serums on the market. Read reviews and try out product samples so that you can find a serum that works well for your hair. If you have friends with frizzy hair, you might want to ask them about their favorite products.

Try Deep Conditioning Treatments

Hair is more likely to be frizzy when it’s dry or damaged. If you give your hair some sort of deep conditioning treatment, it will be able to get the moisture it needs, which means it will naturally be less frizzy. Hot oil treatments can also work very well. If you need frizz relief now, you can try adding a little bit of leave-in conditioner to your hair instead.

Stop Using A Hairbrush

People with smooth and straight hair can use brushes, but if you have frizzy hair, brushes are only going to make your frizz worse. Instead, you should use a comb to get rid of the tangles in your hair. Try combing your hair while it still has conditioner in it so that you won’t damage your hair while you style it.

A flat iron is a fantastic way to get rid of frizz, but it’s not the only option that you have. If you want to learn how to defrizz hair without a flat iron, there are all kinds of options you can try. Don’t fight the natural texture of your hair; learn to love it.