Garlic Hair Treatment Tips

Garlic and hair care treatment is one of the most talked about topic around the world. Many wonder if they too can benefit from this natural wonder from the earth. The answer is yes, garlic does not only benefit hair growth but also can help with hair loss. Garlic and hair care treatment should be considered as a natural way of fighting alopecia effectively.

How it works Garlic actually helps in keeping your hair strong by keeping clogged hair follicles free from oil and dirt. To apply a garlic hair treatment, you can use either your fingers or a beard trimmer to apply the paste on to the hair. Most people do not realize that hard to treat dandruff is often times found in hair follicles that are blocked from getting nutrients. A number of shampoo and conditioner present in supermarkets do not contain any anti-dandruff chemicals at all.

Hair care tips Do not forget to wash your hair every day using a gentle shampoo – it should not contain any kind of chemicals. After you are done washing, make sure you apply a good quality hair mask or lotion. To add more moisture to your hair, you can apply some coconut milk as well. You must rub the lotion or mask onto your hair and wrap it with a plastic bag. Do not forget to apply some garlic hair treatment regularly.

Mixing ingredients Prepare two tablespoons of essential oil, two tablespoons of lemon juice and half a cup of water. Once you have all the ingredients mixed, pour them inside a spray bottle. Shake the bottle and let the mixture sit for around twenty minutes. Next, you can wash hair with this mixture. This hair wash should be used only once a week – else, your hair will get damaged.

Using egg yolk Take an egg white, slice it into halves and then roll it into a sausage shape. Place half of the egg yolk on the top of a flat pan, which has about two inches of water covering it. Cover the egg yolk with water and place it on the garlic mask while using the other half of the egg yolk to cover the tip of the garlic. Leave it on for around fifteen minutes. After that, you can wash hair with olive oil. You can also do this with a hair mask as well.

How to combine ingredients A mixture of some water, lavender oil, peppermint and Rosemary is a great combination for hair mask. All you have to do is mix these ingredients with olive oil. This is one of the most common hair care tips that people follow.

Dry naturally After using the garlic shampoo, you need to take a quarter teaspoon of dried garlic pods and grind them to fine pieces. Then you can take them and spread them evenly on hair. In case, your scalp is dry, you may use a few drops of essential oil to increase the oil content in your scalp. For this, you need to put two drops of essential oil on every knotted hair strand. Leave them for around twenty minutes and then rinse hair with water.

How to combine ingredients Another common hair loss tip is to use lemon juice and olive oil to mix it with a quarter teaspoon of Rosemary. You can apply the mixture on hair strands and leave it on for around twenty minutes. After that, wash hair with a mild shampoo and leave it overnight.

Use to your hair Another tip is to use organic shampoo. You can mix well four tablespoons of ground garlic with a quarter teaspoon of lemon juice. You can spread the mixture on the hair and leave it for around twenty minutes. Rinse hair with water and then apply a mild hair conditioner.

How to use garlic cloves If you have to cure hair loss, you can also use the powerful garlic cloves for hair care treatment. Take a tablespoon of garlic cloves and grind them to fine pieces. Then you can apply the paste on hair. Just rub the garlic onto hair and leave it on for around twenty minutes. Rinse hair with warm water and apply a mild conditioner.

Black tea 2 tablespoons If you want to get rid of hair loss, you can use garlic juice and black tea 2 tablespoons. Take a cup of black tea and mix it with two teaspoons of fresh garlic juice. Then you can apply the mixture all over hair. After a few days, you can rinse hair with water and a mild hair conditioner. This combination can work wonders for black hair.